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Good News and Bad News

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Good News and Bad News

Good news! It’s not cancer. This is very good news, considering the initial differential diagnosis was Inflammatory Breast Cancer- the deadliest and fastest-spreading form of breast cancer.

Bad news: It’s granulomatous mastitis, and nobody can figure out where it came from, so it’s called idiopathic granulomatous mastitis. GM mimics inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). Treatment options overlap with treatment options for breast cancer. So, even though this is not cancer, I’ve got doctors suggesting chemotherapy and discussing a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. More on that later.

This is my first time blogging. The purpose of this blog is to document this crazy curveball. This is my free space to freak out, calm down, reflect and cope with what is happening to my body. I know it helps me to read about others who are going through similar difficulties, so I hope that my account contributes to someone else’s sanity and (comic?) relief. I have a dark sense of humor, an irreverent tone and a tendency to throw truly decadent pity parties. I am also deceptively strong and can usually look on the bright side of life. Like everyone I know, I can use all the moral support I can get. 

One more thing: I am SHY and tend to be very private, so going public with this is a huge step. This blog will include detailed descriptions, and if I can abandon my comfort zone regarding modesty and I see that it will help other women who have GM or are undergoing mastectomy and reconstruction, I will post pictures of my sick breast. I expect some of my friends, family and colleagues to read my posts now and then, so let’s not let it get too awkward between us. This blog is rated TMI. Deal with it. I reserve the right to be a self-absorbed drama queen on these pages. It will keep me functioning sanely in real life.


About A.K.

I am: dreamer, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, writer, reader, musician, artist, teacher, translator. I am a citizen of the world. These nations are my home: Denmark, Ecuador, USA, Canada, France and Germany. I believe the purpose of life is to love, laugh and learn. I am over being upset for getting this very rare disease: Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis. Forgetting all the pain and havoc is tempting, but I will honor the lessons it brought and release my resentment. This blog is my way of coping and reaching out to others who may be going through similarly unfair and bewildering experiences.

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  1. Very proud of you creating this blog. Please continue to write this space is a world full of love and support. you will find many bloggers dealing with the same thing you are or you might find family members that are dealing with the effects of their loved ones being hurt. visit

    story and leave her a comment!

  2. This is fantastic. Congratulations for stepping outside of your comfort zone, and realizing that this WILL be TMI for some but it is what’s good for you! My first few blogs I wondered things like “should I delete that F word”? and came to the conclusion that just as it is in life, there is no pleasing everyone. So I focused on helping myself with the hopes that it could help others. I will be following your progress. Love ❤

  3. This is a great looking blog. I enjoyed reading your home page. You described this crazy disease well. I also was diagnosed initially with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. All of us GMers should stick together. We are a “special breed.” I wish you all the best with everything.

    • Yes, we are a “special breed.” I’m sure that we would much rather be ordinary mutts. 😉 I still cannot wrap my brain around how rare this disease is. Surely, there has to be a much larger number than the 200 or so described in the medical literature!

  4. All I can say is, thank you for your support!

  5. Hang in there AK. Its great that you are giving yourself this outlet. My fingers are crossed for a positive change for you. 🙂


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